Some photos during our vacation in Hurghada.

We took a trip to both Giftun Island with snorkeling and also a panorama boat at Magawish Island.

I am sorry to say that some photos under the water isn´t the best quality because the camera isn´t made for that kind of photographing but we did our best.

_4352kopiera_small.jpg _4364kopiera_small.jpg _4365kopiera_small.jpg _4366kopiera_small.jpg
_4367kopiera_small.jpg _4368kopiera_small.jpg _4369kopiera_small.jpg _4370kopiera_small.jpg
_4371kopiera_small.jpg _4372kopiera_small.jpg _4374kopiera_small.jpg _4375kopiera_small.jpg
_4376kopiera_small.jpg _4377kopiera_small.jpg _4378kopiera_small.jpg _4379kopiera_small.jpg
_4380kopiera_small.jpg _4381kopiera_small.jpg _4382kopiera_small.jpg _4383kopiera_small.jpg
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